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Post  Wisty Montery on Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:31 pm

Wisty was shooting her daily basketball shots and was halfway to her goal. She had been working all summer on getting to 15 free throws and she was at 10 shots already. 5 more and she'll be beating her goal since her house in the summer.
she made it to 13 throws when something fell behind her. She knew no one else would be awake because she wakes up early before the sunrise so it doesn't get in her face.
she turned to see what fell, nothing. shot another hoop, heard the fall again, nothing. then finally, when she made it to 15 shots, she saw a person coming towards her. It was just a new camper.
"Oh my gosh! you scared me!" Wisty says as she tries to grab her heart in freight.
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